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What is cryptocurrency

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is the term given to a new generation of asset classes derived through or from blockchain technology. It has opened up a world of new horizons for investors, entrepreneurs, business, and even central banks and governments.

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Cryptocurrencies Overview

Get the info you need to make smart financial decisions.

  • Fundamental basics of blockchain technology.

  • Understanding the importance of the emerging asset class.

Benefits of Digital Assets & Trustless Networks

In today’s day and age, all kinds of data should be able to move at the press of a button. Blockchain technology aims to streamline and improve current technologies and systems by making them faster, more scalable and more intelligent. For instance, how do you verify that your wife’s Gucci handbag actually came from Gucci? Today, Blockchain technology has combined forces with RFID technology to introduce systems that allow you to individually verify items you bought. You can trace their history – which ports they came through and originated from, and which factories.


How Blockchain can solve Money problems

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The 4 generations of Blockchain technology

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Buy &

Where to buy/trade Cryptocurrencies safely

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Why do we need Trustless Networks?

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What is a peer-to-peer network?

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In Investing

Are Cryptocurrencies safe to invest in?

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Japan & Malta

On The Cryptocurrency Blog: Paving the future for Blockchain technology.
How they’re securing their future as head of the tech world like Silicon Valley did in the early 2000s.

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Market Cap Of All Cryptocurrencies Combined

The entire capitalisation of the blockchain industry is smaller than some individual company’s market cap on the stock market. Watch this asset class grow!


Market Cap Of The Major World Stock Exchanges

The combined value of 60 major stock exchanges in the world equates to over 69 trillion dollars. This is why so many are moving towards digital assets, as the industry is young and thriving.


Crypto Wallet & Cold storage

Securing your cryptocurrency is like finding a safety deposit box for your precious gold and jewels. It needs to be done right, and you need to understand how and why. Read our guides on safely storing your cryptocurrencies/digital assets.

  • Best Hardware Wallets To Use

  • Best Software Wallets To Use

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How to invest:

Due to the infancy of the blockchain space, it can be a tad confusing to get into the space and be able to invest into these new assets. While it’s improved a lot since 2017, there’s still barriers to entry for some countries and people. Have a look at our handy guide so you can understand how the space works.

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