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All About Cryptocurrencies2019-08-03T02:40:59+00:00

We are passionate about the way blockchain technology is going to revolutionise the world.

We are passionate about the way blockchain technology is going to revolutionise the world.

Take control of your wealth by understanding Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies.

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Is Bitcoin The New Gold?

As the world is threatened with negative interest rates, have cryptocurrencies become the new safe haven gold once was? “Money” is defined as a medium of exchange, measure of value, or means of payment.

  • Digitally stored & accessed.

  • Efficient For Global Payments*

  • Safe & Traceable.

*compared to SWIFT & traditional methods used today.
  • Used Globally.

  • Efficient.

  • Used as a store of value.

Why did we create this cryptocurrency blog?

As newcomers to the space several years ago, it was a quagmire of shoddily written articles and low-quality videos. Today, as more mature money moves into the space, we want to help Bob down the street get into and understand the cryptocurrency space. This website is here to provide high quality information, along with thoroughly researched articles that are high on factual info, and low on… well, teddy bears and opinion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does DLT stand for?2019-08-07T02:26:58+00:00

DLT stands for “Distributed Ledger Tech”. DLT is the technology where a transaction is recorded across multiple ledgers, thus making it secure. There is no central authority, such as a bank or government. In this fashion, they are harder to tamper with.

What is Blockchain?2019-08-07T02:28:06+00:00

Blockchain is the normal term given to new technology that records transactions in one or multiple currencies (cryptocurrencies) across a decentralized network (distributed).

Are Cryptocurrencies a good investment?2019-08-07T02:29:40+00:00

Are stocks a good investment? The answer is subjective! It depends on the company and the goals behind each individual Cryptocurrency. They are all different and solve many problems. As Cryptocurrencies are a brand new digital asset class, which the world hasn’t seen the creation of in centuries, we do believe in Cryptocurrency investment.

How do I buy Bitcoin?2019-08-07T02:31:35+00:00

To buy Bitcoin, you need an exchange that accepts your local currency. Coinbase is a good starting point for many people around the world. Read our guide here to get an idea.

What are the other top Cryptocurrencies?2019-08-07T02:33:59+00:00

The top cryptocurrencies have been fairly stable over the last few years. They include: XRP, LTC, ETH, BCH, & USDT.

Should I trade Crypto on eToro?2019-08-07T02:35:18+00:00

No! eToro does not facilitate the ownership of the actual currencies involved. You will never “own” the crypto asset that you buy, and will never be able to transfer it to your own wallets. This is dangerous for a lot of reasons. If you’re only interested in short term trading and are familiar with Forex and Stocks, then by all means. For those who really want to become a part of the space and understand the technology, it’s better to do it the right way.

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